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Startup Funding

Unsecured credit, personal and business, 0% interest for 9-18 months and term loans starting at 7% APR

650+ credit score

$15k - $150K Revolvin, no terms Term loans: 3 yrs

Business Funding

Business term loan or business line of credit. Most industries

575+ credit score, $10k+/mo avg. sales during past 6 months, 1 yr in business

$50k - $250k Revolving LOC Term Loans: 6 mo - 3 yrs

Professional License Financing

Term loans for licensed professionals in medical and a few other professional industries. Low interest and long terms

Professional License (Medical, CPA, Attorney, Insurance, Real Estate) $670+ credit score, $75k annual income

$50k - $250k Term loans up to 12yrs


Low interest long term loans for buying or expanding a business or commercial real estate

650+ credit score

$100k - $10 million Term loans up to 25yrs

Real Estate Investor Financing

For house flipping, buy and hold new construction, all must be residential

600+ credit score, Info on desired property purchase. Must have an EIN, non-owner occupied

$75k - $2.2 million, 12 months interest only. 9 months rolled in. 100% financing on rehab

Sub-prime Business Funding

For business owners needing funding who have lower credit scores or who need much higher amounts

450+ credit score, $5k+/mo in business revenue

$5k to $50 million, Various options

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Every business is unique. It has unique needs. Our funds can be used for...


Business booming? Time to take the next step.


Running out of taco shells? Not a problem. Let's get some more.


The stem of anything business. Let's improve that awareness.


Need a quality hand in work? It could get expensive, we got your back!


The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that anything can happen. Take pre-cautions.


Whoosh, how nice would that brand new pickup look with your logo? Let's get it.

Summary of PDG

PDG Funding

We make getting a loan for a startup or a small business easier. We classify ourselves as a group of consultants who are comparable to “Loan Officers” or “Loan Brokers,” but who are continually changing and expanding. We do this by consulting with our network of lending affiliates in the small business/startup loan industry and putting you in touch with them! While this procedure might appear to be lengthy, ultimately it takes less than a week.